Review: Kylie Minogue delivers superb show at Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Kylie Minogue performs at Edinburgh Castle.
Kylie Minogue performs at Edinburgh Castle.
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Part two of the Edinburgh Castle concerts this week sees Melbourne’s finest pop export grace the esplanade.

They start slow, the band wandering on in dribs and drabs, all wearing rather fetching navy blue suits, sans ties. Also on show are three mirrored swivelling towers

which are rotated to reveal the dancers and in turn, the middle one containing Kylie herself, prompting a stupendous roar from the sell-out crowd.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a greatest hits package from the off, starting with Love at First Sight then into her break out, I Should Be So Lucky. Backed by no less than eight backing dancers this is a full-on show with three distinct themes and many costume changes.

The middle electro-pop section saw one of the dancers appear bedecked in a black and white costume that wouldn’t look out of place in a Visage video. For 2003’s Slow, the lot of

them donned red jump-suits, Kylie too, and mixed a bit of Bowie’s Fashion in to the song.

The energy levels were mightily raised by the song Kids, originally a duet with Robbie Williams but the wee Aussie very much made this her own, albeit with a little help from the

throng out front.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head up next, the crowd being encouraged to start off the “Nah, nah, nah” bit and happily obliging.

The third section has been billed “Wedding Disco” and the dancers are appropriately kitted out in their finery including one of the blokes sporting a kilt, which is nice, and they kick this bit

off with Especially For You, the old Jason Donavan collaboration. Cheesetastic.

A few more numbers in and Kylie wanders to the front of stage with a red rose in hand, asking who wants it. Well, a few rows from the from the front, a guy named Richie was the lucky recipient of said flower and was also blessed with an a-capella version of the first few lines of Where the Wild Roses Grow. It turned out that Richie is a superfan and this likely

made his year. Glorious.

All in, a superb show from a veteran performer and the very mixed demographic out front clearly had as much of a ball as the wee lassie and the crew on stage.

Kylie Minogue – 14 th July - Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

5 out of 7 stars