Opera review: Therapy C Nova (145)

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Despite the title and location (a psychiatrist’s office), Therapy doesn’t actually feature any therapeutic practice, not in the traditional sense anyway.

RATING: * * *

Two men stand in the reception of a hospital – one a psychiatrist, the other desperate for an appointment with him. We know there is resistance on the psychiatrist’s part, and desperation inside the would-be patient, but a huge question mark hovers over why.

It is this slow reveal that is the strongest aspect of No Shoes Theatre’s new show – at least to begin with. Taking just a tad too long to put us out of our misery, then rushing to the conclusion, it feels like they’re missing an opportunity to explore the reason, and the past, more fully. But there’s a nice mix of humour and pathos at play here, and some moving harmonies – even if the songs are crying out for a more expansive arrangement.

Performed in a tiny space, this show needs room to breathe, literally and metaphorically, to fulfil its potential.

Until 27 August. Today 9pm.