Never-ending energy fuels explosive night

Biffy Clyro, Liquid Room ****

IT’S a cliche but Biffy Clyro really are the hardest working band in rock music. The Ayrshire trio appear in the gig listings so often you suspect they would happily play the opening of an envelope. But all that effort is clearly paying off for them.

Their latest single, Questions and Answers, has just shot into the Top 40 at number 26, and last night’s superb show at the Liquid Room was packed with fans singing along to every word and generally having a whale of a time.

Before the headliners, we got the coruscating racket of Dundee’s Mercury Tilt Switch. Already garnering rave reviews from the likes of Kerrang and NME, the five-piece created a superb punky hardcore racket.

The band sound like more successful acts such as Hundred Reasons and Hell Is For Heroes, but in fact the variety in their sound and the energy they put in suggest that they will soon be outstripping their contemporaries in terms of notoriety. As they thrashed out a breakneck version of There’s No Such Thing As A Freak Wave they had clearly converted much of the crowd to the MTS cause.

Converting the crowd wasn’t something Biffy Clyro had to bother about.

Their fans are about the most devoted around, and in an atmosphere reminiscent of a Wembley Stadium gig, the three young lads took to the stage and proceeded to rip hell out of their instruments and their songs in a heady mix of explosive energy and simple melodies.

And it’s that combination of ear-mincing guitars and sweet, three-part vocals that really puts Biffy Clyro ahead of the pack. Songs such as The Ideal Height and Eradicate The Doubt are brilliant modern rock songs, packed full of bowel-shaking riffs and complex rhythms, yet also brimming with an innate sense of melody and harmony that other British rock acts can only dream of.

With all three band members sharing vocal duties, there’s no real focus to the band, but that kind of egalitarian approach seems to work to their advantage.

As they bashed out the awesome chorus to their best tune, 57, the crowd screaming along, it was clear that very soon, Biffy Clyro are going to be playing with the big boys in the world of rock, and how.