Calvin Harris



DUE to the fact that his own brand of 1980s-referencing electro-pop was homemade in a rural Scottish location, Dumfries, Calvin Harris often finds himself compared, favourably or otherwise, to Mylo, who hails from Skye. For those who have heard his debut album I Created Disco and seen him live, however, the distinction is obvious.

Where Harris on record is definitely more oriented towards the pop charts than Mylo, who has his mind on the dancefloor at all times, his live show rocks from start to finish. Whether dancing, cheerleading or delivering his lyrics in a mildly ironic baritone - or just taking time to compliment a bloke on having a nice top, one which he also owns - Harris comes into his own as a pop star of huge merit on the stage.

It also doesn't hurt that the songs, performed by a full live band rather than just the old Amiga computer he recorded them on, are perfectly pitched towards dancefloor mayhem. The bright-eyed and slightly lascivious The Girls (catchline: "I get all the girls, I get all the girls") is Harris' zenith so far, a wonderful party anthem with a deep, funk-styled bassline.

In a similar vein are This Is The Industry and the instrumental I Created Disco, while the less pounding Acceptable In The 80s is still a quirky floorfiller.

If you're in any way undecided about the musical merits of Calvin Harris, his live show will surely make up your mind.