Album review: Jedward - Planet Jedward

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Jedward: Planet Jedward Absolute, £11.99 **

The Irish teen twins who look like extras from Village of the Damned were easily the most car-crash entertaining thing about last year's mediocre X Factor, but no one comes to Jedward for the aural experience – if you can't see the pair jumping around like glaikit loons, there's just no point.

The twins' debut – and most likely final – album is a 35-minute comedy of errors, in which they "interpret" bratty pop songs by The Beastie Boys, Blink 182 and – turn away now, music fans – The Undertones like the modern equivalent of the Top Of The Pops soundalike muzak albums. Their dramatic piece de resistance, Ghostbusters, features bonus dialogue in odd transatlantic accents.

It's Jedward's planet; we just live on it.