Local shopkeeper launches photography exhibition

Shopkeeper Ian Dyga, owner of R & S Dyga Newsagent in the town centre, has turned his hand to photography, exhibiting his work in the town’s community cafe.

Cafe Connect, Broad Street.
Cafe Connect, Broad Street.

Mr Dyga, who is a keen photographer, earlier this year founded a walking group for fellow hobbyist snappers, their first trip documenting the coastal stretch between New Aberdour and Pennan.

The well-known Brocher to many also operates a gaming club and, dressed as any one of the many sci-fi stars of the silver screen and accompanied by friends, is a regular fixture at Invercairn’s gala.

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Last year, he was also selected as the winner of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses’ contest to be the person to switch the lighthouse back on after several years of inactivity.

Now, together with his sister, Muriel Dyga, who also works at the newsagent and is a talented photographer, he has taken the opportunity to display his photography efforts to the wider public.

Mr Dyga, who shoots using a Nikon digital single-lens reflex camera, told us: “It’s about showing what we have in Fraserburgh, so we’re happy with the chance to exhibit our work in Cafe Connect to a wider audience in the Broch. Hopefully it can inspire other people in the area to take up the hobby.”

You can view Ian and Muriel’s photography at Cafe Connect now at 66 Broad Street, Fraserburgh until December 20.