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Vice SquadREMEMBER the Icecreamists? They were they guys who launched the ultimate X-rated pop-up ice-cream boutique at Selfridges at the end of last year. Well, they're back. But this time with an array of 'vice creams', including the Sex Pistol variety, which has been deliberately filled with naughty ingredients to boost the libido and comes with a shot of highly intoxicating La Fee absinthe.

The ice-cream producers who describe themselves as a troupe of provocateurs and iconclasts have plans to open pop-up stores across the UK this summer. Tantalise your tastebuds with a menu that includes molecular cryogenic cocktails served at -196C, artisan ice-cream flavours from around the world, pure frozen yoghurts and a wide selection of sorbettos.

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Matt O'Connor, founder of the Icecreamists, says, "This is the perfect aprs-shopping treat. Just one Sex Pistol will leave you feeling energised and confident."

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Rising Star

ALAN BARBOUR graduated from Aberdeen's Gray's School of Art in 2002, and has just bagged a job as a knitwear design manager for Burberry, making him the latest Scot to make their mark in the fashion world. But while his role may sound like a retail addict's dream, Barbour isn't afraid of hard graft. "My lifestyle sounds very glamorous and I love it, but it can be exhausting too," he says. "No two days are ever the same, and I have to be a strong manager, developing vibrant team players both creatively and vocationally."

Glamorous or not, we're convinced that Barbour is destined for fashion stardom. You heard it here first.

Caledonian Carafes

A GLASS of Bothie anyone? Or maybe you'd prefer the Run Rig vintage? We've heard the Struie hits the spot. David Powell, of Torbreck Vintners in Australia, has launched a selection of Scottish-inspired wines after spending time in this country as a young man.

The name Torbreck comes from a Scottish forest in Inverness-Shire, where the former lumberjack worked before returning to Australia to open his vineyard, while the titles of the wines reflect places that were important to the wine-maker during his time in this country. Struie is the mountain on which he worked, while Run Rig is the band that was playing in his favourite pub.

Powell will present a selection of wines from Torbreck's portfolio on 13 May at the Lake of Menteith Hotel (, in Perthshire. Accommodation with dinner, all wines and breakfast for two people starts at 250. There are also a limited number of places for non-residents, at 75 per person

Naughty necklaces

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PARISIAN jewellery designer Nicole Locher is at it again. Known for candy-coloured, hand-embroidered T-shirts, sweetly inscribed with raunchy sayings, she will next week release an equally naughty online collection of jewellery. items sure to get tongues wagging are necklaces featuring a little girl and the words 'Petite Salope' (Little Slut) and 'sans culotte' (without knickers). For those who blushed, but didn't order from last year's selection, now is your chance. For more details, visit

Weather Veins

WE'VE all heard the phrase 'under the weather'. It came about when unwell sailors were sent below deck to escape a howling gale outside. Big jessies, you might think. But there is a growing body of research to indicate that many health problems are adversely affected by the weather, something the new web-based service is hoping to capitalise on. The site sends free alerts via e-mail or Facebook to sufferers of conditions such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and migraines 24 hours before a change in the weather is expected to exacerbate symptoms. This not only potentially saves them from a trip to the doctor, it also gives them the chance to get the washing in.

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So it just goes to show, Aunt Edna may have been on to something.

• This article was first published in Scotland on Sunday, April 11, 2010