KT Tunstall and husband Luke Bullen to divorce

SCOTS musician KT Tunstall is to split up with her husband Luke Bullen after less than five years married.

The St Andrews-born singer-songwriter fell for the drummer when he was part of her backing band, with the pair becoming engaged on Christmas Day 2007 and getting married the following September on the isle of Skye.

Sources close to the singer said that the couple had been experiencing problems for months, and that the two split up in September of last year. Tunstall, who is 37, had spoken of her desire to start a family with Bullen, but friends of the singer believe the death in August 2012 of her father David, a physics lecturer at St Andrews University, had prompted her to reassess her relationship.

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Tunstall had credited her husband with keeping her ‘on the straight and narrow’, and the pair had split up briefly a couple of years ago, with the singer joking that the brief separation had helped her write better songs.

“Luke and I split up for a day and that’s when I wrote the song. We’ve been trying to think up other reasons to have another big argument so I can get some songs out of it,” the singer quipped.

The musician is currently working on new material, and is set to appear at several festivals over the summer, including St Andrews’ ‘Eye of the Dug’.