Jive talkin' and bringing the Bee Gees story back to the stage in Fife

If you loved the music from '˜Saturday Night Fever' and missed a chance to see the Bee Gees in concert, now you have a chance to enjoy their incredible catalogue of hits here in Fife.

The Bee Gees Story/Nights on Broadway is coming to Rothes Halls, Glenrothes on July 28.

‘The Bee Gees Story/Nights on Broadway’ pays tribute to the brothers Gibb through a fantastic live concert, featuring their incredible songs, from over four decades, from the 60s to the 90s.

And it is coming to Rothes Halls in Glenrothes on Saturday, July 28.

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With musical authenticity and the accurate recreation of the vocal talents and harmonies of the trio, this two-hour show gives the audience the experience of being at a Bee Gees concert.

The show will feature Bee Gees hits from across the decades.

The six piece live band blends the classic hits, acoustic medleys, along with songs written for other major artists, and dance floor fillers to tell the story of the Bee Gees from start to finish.

Known as ‘The Irish Bee Gees’, all the performers are from Ireland with the exception of their new UK musical director.

Having originated and sold out theatres in Ireland, the show is now touring in the UK and Europe.

Tony Kelly performs as Barry Gibb, Peter Simpson is Maurice and Damo Davis is Robin.

If you are a fan of the Bee Gees you will enjoy this show which is on at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes on July 28.

Tony told the Press what audiences can expect: “Basically anyone who is a Bee Gees fan can expect all the hits - from the 60s through to the 90s,” he said.

“Included in the concert are the songs the Bee Gees wrote for other artists like Celine Dion with Immortality, Islands in the Stream sang by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and Guilty by Barbara Streisand.

“We start off with the hits from the 60s which everyone enjoys singing along to and then we go to the 70s era for disco and Night Fever.

“The format of the show is not just song after song.

“In between the hits we tell the story of the Bee Gees and we also have a big screen behind us which shows photos of the the band from the time. We also dedicate a section of the show to the late Andy Gibb.”

He continued: “In this part of the show we include songs like Don’t Throw It All Away, Shadow Dancing and Immortality.”

Tony explained the role he plays in the group:

“In nthe show, I am Barry Gibb.

“I didn’t have to work on Barry’s voice, it just came naturally to me. I was doing a radio show in Dublin a few years ago and that’s how it all began.”

The band was formed as a result of Tony’s remarkable performance of ‘You Should Be Dancing’ at a talent show hosted by the legendary Irish TV and Radio presenter Gerry Ryan.

Kevin Hough, a radio and TV producer who was one of the judges, suggested that Tony should put a musical together.

Tony was working with Dominic Feekery – who plays Robin – at the time and when they met up with Peter Simpson, who plays Maurice , they found an incredible chemistry to fulfill Kevin’s suggestion and went on to develop ‘Nights on Broadway’.

Tony continued: “We then took the show on the road and our agent said we should bring it over to the UK and after that we never went back.

“That was four years ago.

“Ever since then the show has just gone from strength to strength which is fantastic.”

But what is Tony’s favourite song to perform?

“I like You Should Be Dancing” and “Saturday Night Fever” - these are my favourites to perform,” he said.

“The songs that really go down well with the audiences is the 60s era – songs like Massachusetts and To Love Somebody.

“But the one song which everybody goes mad for is “I Started A Joke”.

It is hard to pack in so many years of hits in one show so we have an accoustic set where we sample a few songs like “New York Mining Disaster” and “How Do You Mend A Broken Heart.”

“We try not to leave any songs out in the two hour show and we like to see people get up and dancing in the aisles!

“After the show is finished we also like to go out and meet the audience.”

Tony explained what he thinks it is about the Bee Gees music that makes it so popular with fans.

He said: “They had hits in all the decades through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

“They had hits through people’s teenage years and their music really captured that era.

“But it wasn’t just the lyrics and the music, it was the harmonies that made the Bee Gees’ songs special too.

“They also wrote a lot of songs for other artists - there are songs that many people won’t have realised the Bee Gees wrote!

“Everyone has heard Bee Gees songs and their music appeals to everyone.”

Tony revealed that while they never had the chance to meet the Bee Gees in person they do have a connection to the brothers: “We did meet Barry Gibb’s wife’s relatives in Scotland,” he said.

“They came to see one of our shows - they loved it and they really enjoyed the songs. I have seen Barry Gibb in concert in Dublin, he was fantastic.”

The Bee Gees are well known for their tribute act and Nights on Broadway aims to live up to the legendary group’s legacy in every way.

This will be the Irish Bee Gees first time performing at a venue in the Kingdom.

Tony said: “We have never been to Fife before and we are all looking forward to it.

“We love Scotland – it really is like being at home in Ireland and we love the Scottish accent! We love Scottish audiences they are great - they are just like the Irish!”

He added: “They like having a good time! We are very much looking forward to coming and doing the show.”

Tickets for The Bee Gees Story/Nights On Broadway on July 28 in Glenrothes are available from www.onfife.com.