Getting to the art of the community in Dalkeith

Riccio Gallery in Dalkeith will launch a new weekly art club next Thursday (May 31), with local artist Margaret Bititci hosting the informal sessions.

Gallery owner Carlo Riccio and local artist Margaret Bitici, pitcured outside the venue for the new art club.

The South Street venue will host Riccio Gallery Art Club morning and afternoon sessions, 10am-12.30pm and 1pm-3.30pm.

Gallery owner Carlo Riccio said: “It’s something I have been toying with. It’s art classes, but we don’t have a tutor as such, we have an artist in. It’s informal art sessions. I’m hoping it grows arms and legs.

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“I have been thinking about it for quite a while. I have got this space in the gallery. Obviously we have art exhibitions on and we are dealing with artists all the time.

“I really wanted to do it last year but it never came off. So I spoke to Margaret and we are going with it now.

“I’m not an artist at all but I deal with a lot of artists.

“So I just thought that it would be great to have them passing on their skills and local people being taught here in the gallery.”

Carlo sees this as more of a community event than a traditional art class.

He said: “We have only got space here at the gallery for around 8-10 people. So we might add another day if it becomes popular. It’s hardly a profit thing for us. It’s more a community and social event, rather than a teaching of art.

“It’s a group of local people getting together once a week and talking about whatever.

“We will see what comes from it. I’m hoping it can progress.”

Classes are £7 each, or £20 for a month. To book call 0131 660 2561 or 07753 801 422.