Game review: Army of Two: 40th Day

Army of Two: 40th Day(£44.99, PS3/Xbox 360)

Private military contractors Salem and Rios run head-first into a new war zone in the second instalment of EA's co-op shooter Army of Two. The action moves to a Shanghai laid to waste by shadowy mercenaries. Expect bigger explosions, louder guns and more over-the-top action. This is a considerable step up from the lacklustre first game.

Teamwork is essential as it improves your odds against waves of ruthless enemies. Aside from helping each other climb high ledges and push heavy objects, you can go back-to-back to take on foes from all sides and draw attention away from your partner with covering fire so he can flank heavily armed gun turrets and troops. The option to feign death or pretend to surrender is also fun.

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Currency plays a vital role in the game as it is required to buy new firearms or customise your current load-out. You can make all manner of powerful weapons with a variety of attachments and features, or if you're feeling really flush, you can have your favourite gun rendered in gold. Although it has an emphasis on heavy duty firepower, the game also preaches caution with a cover system and the ability to revive your downed teammate. Hostage rescue scenarios and ethical choices add new depth to the formula.

• This article was first published in Scotland on Sunday, January 31, 2010