Gadget: ebode LightSpeaker

Where is the perfect place to put a speaker in your living room? Ideally you want it right in the middle of the carpet, broadcasting 360 degrees sound.

But getting that past the lady of the house would be a virtual impossibility. Or would it? Ebode have created a wireless speaker that replaces your light bulb.

That means in any standard E27 light fitting (the spiral type, not the clip one) you can deploy a wireless amplified 20 watt speaker system. It is quite amazing if you think about it - no wires, no complicated installations and no unsightly speakers.

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The kit that arrived at my house comprised of two wireless LightSpeakers and one wireless transmitter. Installation took five minutes and most of that was spent getting the gear out of the box. The LightSpeakers are not what you'd call petite.

I was slightly nervous that I might be sprinkled with falling plaster dust after installation.

These fears were unfounded, although you do need a reasonably large lampshade to hide the 13.5cm-tall speaker. After I'd screwed it in, all that was left to do was to pair it with the wireless transmitter.

The transmitter can take two separate audio inputs - I connected an MP3 player and my hi-fi. You can wirelessly control the volume, choose the source, wirelessly dim the built-in LED light and switch everything on or off remotely.

Most amazing was the thumping sound produced. The built-in digital amplifier delivered a rich, room-filling sound. You can connect up to four pairs of LightSpeakers to a single wireless transmitter. It's not cheap, but it's a sensational solution for wire-free sound.

It's amazing - no wires and no unsightly speakers

ebode LightSpeaker

Available for 499 from and

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This article was first published in The Scotsman, 1 January, 2011