Fuel for debate as 1707 Act of Union goes up for sale

A RARE copy of a document that includes the Act of Union of 1707 is being sold by an auctioneer in Shropshire.

The full text of the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England in 1707 is included in a collection of acts of parliament that only recently came to light.

Richard Westwood-Brookes of Mullocks Auctioneers said the rediscovery of the text – expected to fetch £1,000 at auction – could shed new light on constitutional issues.

“At a time when the Scots are considering becoming an independent nation again, it is ironic to reflect that the Union came about during the reign of the last of the Scottish monarchs,” he said.

“The wording of the act could present a bit of a constitutional dilemma, because it clearly states that the two kingdoms of England and Scotland will forever be united under the banner of Great Britain. This document could certainly spark debate amongst constitutional historians and lawyers.”

A spokesman for Mullocks said: “Copies of such an important historical document are rare on the market. It is in particularly fine condition and is in an original volume of acts of parliament, all dating from the same year, during the reign of the last of the Stuart monarchs, Queen Anne.”

The volume will go under the hammer tomorrow in Ludlow.