Four things you should know this morning

It’s never too early to learn something new, like how is coffee being made with Irn Bru and why is the Scottish SPCA being dubbed a disgrace, plus a couple other things.

SSPCA are struggling to take in animals amoungst cuts, while its boss is getting a £200,000 salary

Irn Bru Coffee

A cafe in Linlithgow is serving a “totally Scottish Coffee” to its customers, after one of their baristas started adding Irn Bru to a shot of coffee.

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Daniel Todd, 17, wowed judges at a barista competition with his creation and soon after the cafe decided to add it to the menu.

Barista Daniel Todd, aged 17, in Brodie's Cafe in Linlithgow

A first year physics student at Heriot Watt University, Daniel has worked in the shop for just over a year and admits he is a bit “obsessed” with coffee.

History of Mac names

The history of Scotland is, of course, the history of the Scottish people, and what could be more important as an indicator of how Scots are perceived than by the very names we are known.

Over the centuries millions of Scots have left their homeland to find the fame and fortune around the globe, and they have taken their Scottish names with them, so giving the world McDonalds and Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

Why film and television producers are unhappy

A parliamentary inquiry has been told of how the screen sector north of the Border has been allowed to slip into an “unacceptable” and “disgraceful” state over the last decade. This is down to so little being made.

The Scottish Affairs Committee has been warned action is needed to overhaul the structure of the BBC because “all the power rests in London”.

Why is the Scottish SPCA been dubbed a disgrace?

While rescue centres are being shut down to save on costs, it’s boss received a huge pay rise.

Chief executive Stuart Earley was reportedly paid £216,320 last year, making him one of the UK’s best-paid charity bosses. This is considerably higher than Britain’s other top animal charities - some of which are double the size of the SSPCA.

Charity accounts reveal the former aquarium boss has seen his wages rise by more than a third in three years.

Animal organisations and campaigners have condemned the pay increase, saying donations should be used to “help animals, not fund a luxury lifestyle for executives”.