Florrie Arnold: My life in clothes

What's the last piece of clothing you bought? My favourite new pieces are a blue Cynthia Steffe silk cocktail dress and a sparkly silver Malene Birger mini dress.

Best ever bargain? A cute spotty playsuit which I wear with tights and an orange bobble hat.

Who has great style? I like classic looks and I'm a big fan of Audrey Hepburn's style. Funny Face, with Audrey and Fred Astaire is the movie that best exemplifies my taste.

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Name your favourite high street shop. I normally go to Topshop or Zara. They have some really great stuff.

What are you addicted to buying? I wear leggings a lot, as they're easy, comfortable and you can team them with pretty much anything.

What's your favourite item in your wardrobe? I don't actually have a wardrobe. I have lots of hooks on my wall instead, which I hang everything off. It looks a bit like a shop window display. However, aside from my good pair of jeans, I think everyone has to have a big comfortable jumper like one that I own. It's the best thing for lounging around the house in, or if you need to pop to the shops you can easily just throw one on.

• Florrie is the face of Nina Ricci fragrances, www.ninaricci.com