Film reviews: The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone | Thérèse Desqueyroux | 009 Re: Cyborg | The Last Exorcism: Part ll

The rest of this week’s film releases reviewed by Siobhan Synnot

The Stone Roses: Made 
Of Stone (15)

Star ratign: * * *

Director Shane Meadows is a huge Stone Roses fan, and his documentary about the band’s preparations for a 2012 reunion warmly reflects the devotion of their following. Queuing for their first gig 
in 20 years, a deputy headteacher confesses to being so desperate for a ticket that he offered his car and a job as bribes – and had no takers. But the camera fails to access all areas, content to hang around rehearsals like a star-struck groupie; and when drummer Reni walks off the tour, Meadows’ reluctance to probe becomes pretty unforgivable. A baggy hagiography aimed at the diehards.

Vue Omni, Edinburgh and Hamilton, Wednesday and Thursday; Belmont, Aberdeen, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Thérèse Desqueyroux (12A)

Star rating: * * *

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Audrey Tautou gets murderous as a married woman who sets about breaking up her sister-in-law’s happier affair with a young Portuguese man in this stodgy adaptation of François Mauriac’s period classic. Notable as veteran auteur Claude Miller’s last film, it falls short of being a fitting send-off.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Friday until 20 June; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Friday until 19 June

009 Re: Cyborg (12A)

Star rating: * * *

Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost In The Shell) adapts a sci-fi TV show as beloved in Japan as Star Trek or Star Wars, about nine humans captured and turned into cyborg soldiers to fight terrorism on a war-torn future earth. Terrific-looking action sequences alternate with less terrific expository chat. Despite the natter, it’s all mildly baffling.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Friday until 10 June

The Last Exorcism: Part ll (15)

Star rating: * *

Having given birth to a bouncing baby demon, recently possessed Nell (Ashley Bell) survives the 
first film and tries to 
rebuild her life in New Orleans. Unscary shocks follow, with scenes of spinal contortion that merely 
suggest the devil is in league with osteopaths. An exorcise in futility.

On general release from Friday