Film reviews: Man of Steel | I am Breathing

Another attempt to relaunch Superman into the movie skies, this time with uncharismatic Henry Cavill in the lead, propped up by a roster of famous names, including Russell Crowe as a superdad who rides dragonflies, Kevin Costner as a more homespun adopted father, and Amy Adams as a surprisingly spiritless Lois Lane.

Man Of Steel with Henry Cavill as Superman. Picture: PA

Man of Steel (12A)

Star rating: * *

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The angsty alter-ego here seems closer to director Christopher’s Nolan’s austere, brooding Bruce Wayne than Clark Kent, but director Zack Snyder can’t resist piling on blockbuster excess. The plotting spirals into confusion, while a ton of noisy set-pieces render this workmanlike action picture almost as impossible to sleep through as Transformers. Red underpants and kryptonite are conspicuously absent, but this dour picture still feels overfamiliar and rote.

On general release

I Am Breathing

Star rating: * * *

Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon steer a moving documentary about motor neurone sufferer Neil Platt as he uses his last few months to gather mementoes to leave for his young son Oscar.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Thursday; Glasgow Film Theatre, Friday and Saturday; Dundee Contemporary Arts, Saturday; Cineworld Fountainpark, Edinburgh, Sunday

Spike Island (15)

Star rating: * *

Underwhelming drama 
about a fledgling band trying to get to the Stone Roses’ momentous 1990 gig in order to pass on their demo to Ian Brown.

On selected release

Snitch (12A)

Star rating: * *

Dwayne Johnson is a father who grapples with a drug cartel as part of a deal to get his son released from jail. Heroically daft, and the lack of shirtless scenes leaves The Rock in a hard place.

On general release from Friday

A Haunted House (15)

Star rating: * *

Marlon Wayans tries to spoof recent found footage horror flicks such as Paranormal Activity, but the relentless flatulence gags and crude homophobia are so lame that laughs don’t stand a ghost of a chance.

On general release from Wednesday