Film reviews: Jiro Dreams of Sushi | No | The Punk Syndrome | Warm Bodies | I Give It A Year | Movie 43

Our round-up of other releases this week.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (U)


Documentary about Japanese sushi perfectionist Jiro, who painstakingly crafts fish and rice into memorable experiences. You may not dream of sushi, but don’t watch this on an empty stomach.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, tomorrow until Thursday

No (15)


After exploring Pinochet’s dark influence in Tony Manero and Post Mortem, Pablo Larrain delivers an unexpectedly upbeat story of an ad executive (Gael Garcia Bernal) who styles a campaign to defeat the Chilean dictator in the 1988 referendum. It’s engaging and inventive, although the deliberately distressed video quality of the film can be hard on the eyes.

Glasgow Film Theatre, from Friday

The Punk Syndrome (tbc)


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Backstage with Name Day, a Finnish punk band, this documentary focuses on the preoccupations of four men who have learning difficulties, but no problem expressing their frustration through music. As a piece of rock verite, it’s sympathetic, patchy, occasionally discomfiting, but always honest.

Cameo, Edinburgh, Wednesday; Glasgow Film Theatre, Wednesday and 10 February

Warm Bodies (12A)


Nicholas Hoult is amongst the walking dead after a zombie plague takes over the earth. But as well as craving brains, he still has a heart and falls for Teresa Palmer. It’s likeable enough, and with more teeth than its vampire counterparts in Twilight.

On general release from Friday

I Give It A Year (15)


Dan Mazer directs this unromantic comedy about a couple (Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne) whose whirlwind relationship fails to impress their friends and family. Alas, this is neither edgy nor funny enough.

On general release from Friday

Movie 43 (15)


Misconceived rag bag of potty-brained skits starring gullible big names including Kate Winslet, Richard Gere and Gerard Butler. «

On general release