Who will take on the new Dr Who role?

It was the fantasy fan's TV dream '“ Outlander star Sam Heughan linked with taking a trip through time and space as the new face of Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi is stepping down as the Doctor

Over the weekend, speculation built that the BBC might go for two Scots in a row and replace the retiring Peter Capaldi with 36-year-old Heughan.

Heughan is still a betting outsider to take over the Tardis from Thick of It star Capaldi, but most previous incarnations of the Doctor found themselves in similar situations.

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But with Capaldi playing the Doctor as a full-throated Scot, and David Tennant forced to change his accent, could the BBC be ready to give Scotland two Doctors in a row?

Will Sam Heughan be taking a spin in the Tardis? Picture: John Devlin / TSPL

Heughan isn’t the only potential Caledonian sci-fi star. There are a number of other homegrown talents in the frame.

Richard Madden

From King in the North to Prince Charming to Timelord, Richard Madden certainly hasn’t shied away from playing roles with titles attached.

The Elderslie born actor was made famous after his starring role as the ill-fated rebel Robb Stark in HBO smash hit Game of Thrones.

Will Sam Heughan be taking a spin in the Tardis? Picture: John Devlin / TSPL

He went on to play the Prince in 2015’s live action remake of Disney classic Cinderella, and is currently the third favourite with bookmakers to take over the Tardis.

He would certainly add a much younger feel than his compatriot Capaldi, and is well known to Who devotees after a relationship with former Tardis assistant Jenna Coleman.

Robert Carlyle

Fresh from another turn as psychopathic antagonist Begbie in this year’s follow up to Trainspotting, what better role for ‘Bobby’ to convince us he’s not all bad?

Producers might not want another Scot at the helm, but Carlyle’s versatility as an actor is well known.

He’s played a Yorkshireman in the Full Monty, and a villainous turn as a Russian in James Bond film The World is Not Enough proves he could give BBC producers any accent they wanted.

He’s currently starring in fairytale update Once Upon a Time as legendary trickster Rumplestiltskin, so is no stranger to the fantasy genre.

Tilda Swinton

For the past two series, the clamour has been growing and growing for Doctor Who to finally have a female lead.

The current hot tips for being the first woman Doctor are British TV mainstays Olivia Colman and Maxine Peake.

However both might be reluctant to be typecast in the fantasy role, and could also fear it may distract from some of their other work.

Swinton, who has never been typecast, and relishes in always offering something different, might be the best choice if the Doctor is to embrace the fairer sex.

Oscar-winner Swinton, who comes from a long line of Lowland Scots aristocratic stock, might just be a left-field enough choice to work.

Michelle Gomez

Speaking of left-field, we end on Michelle Gomez, who has been lauded for her guest roles on the show battling Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as an incarnation of his nemesis The Master.

“Missy,” as Gomez’s character was called, was last seen in a tight spot in a room full of Daleks, but it is expected she will eventually return.

Many fans haven’t ruled out that by some clever writing, the talented Gomez could be worked into the show’s title role.

Could the Master and Doctor finally merge, after spending their multiple lives as two opposites keeping the universe in balance? It could be done, and would give fans their first female Doctor.