TV Picks of the Week: The Joy Of Disco, Modern Family, Six Nations Rugby

PICK OF THE WEEK, The Joy Of Disco BBC4, Friday, 9pm

Young man, there’s no need to feel down! And after seeing Saturday Night Fever for the first time this one left the cinema in early 1978 with a spring in his step.

Replicating John Travolta’s walk in the opening credits – that Brooklyn bounce, paintpot in hand – was tougher despite loyalty-card membership of Annabel’s, Edinburgh’s Studio 53 and a half and a hop of Charlie-scented mystique lacking only a lit floor. This documentary should bring those mirrorball memories flooding back because the gang’s all here: Sister Sledge, Sylvester (whose Mighty Real was Annabel’s top stomper), the Bee Gees, the mighty Chic and, yes, the Village People. Cowboy Randy, still sporting his stetson, saw disco as nothing short of revolution: “We thought we were going up this hill towards a shining city at the top.”

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BEST COMEDY Modern Family Sky1, Friday, 8pm

Still the funniest show on the box halfway despite the kiss-of-death recommendation from America’s president – that’s form. Among its many awards is the Golden Globe for Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy). Cam would love MF to be all show tunes from start to finish and here he’s actually asked to sing – by a prospective birth mother who wants the child to love music.

BEST SPORT Six Nations Rugby BBC2, today, 2.30pm

After much rooting around in old trunks in the clubhouse attic, Scotland have rediscovered the art of try-scoring. Next lesson: how to win a match. Today’s opponents: France. It won’t be easy against the championship favourites but Murrayfield is sold out for this fixture for the first time since 1994, so come on, get stuck in. Oh, and remember to keep hold of the ball.