Taskmaster to move from Dave to Channel 4 in new six-series deal

Taskmaster will move from UKTV channel Dave to Channel 4 in a new six-series deal.

The entertainment show sees comedians compete in a series of strange and surreal challenges and is hosted by Greg Davies.

The entertainment show, hosted by Greg Davies, which sees comedians compete in a series of strange and surreal challenges, has run for nine series on Dave.

The six series will air across three years, starting on Channel 4 in late 2020.

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Alex Horne, the show's creator and Davies's on-screen assistant, said: "We've had an amazing nine series on Dave and I'd like to thank UKTV for letting us do such ridiculous things for so long.

"Greg and I are looking forward to getting started on a new series for Channel 4 from next year.

"It seems like the right time to move to a channel with a broader audience and I can reassure people who like the show that it won't be changing one bit and I'll still be forced to do things no one should ever have to do."

Davies added: "For the first time in our working relationship I agree with little Alex Horne.

"The nine series on UKTV have been a joy and I would echo his thanks to all involved.

"I do take issue with the notion that the show will remain exactly the same however as I have made it my personal mission to break his spirit.

"I will remain even handed with contestants of course, but it really is going to get unpleasant for him. Peace."

Taskmaster first started as a live show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe before being developed for television, initially with Channel 4.

It was later commissioned by UKTV for Dave.

The new series will air on Channel 4 before being repeated on E4.