Be warned - your four-legged friend may not like what happens to the canine lead in many of these films.

Saddest Dog Films: Here are the 10 movies starring adorable dogs most likely to make you cry - including Homeward Bound and Marley & Me

Sometimes a good cathartic cry is just what is needed to recharge the batteries and let out the emotions, and nothing can make us weep like a sad movie about the beloved family dog.

But how do you know which film will make you sob the hardest? Well, to help you out when you need a truly tear-jerking movie at the ready, canine holiday specialists Canine Cottages decided to do the research to track down ten of the most emotional dog films out there.

In order to rank the most emotional dog films, Canine Cottages analysed mentions of crying, sadness, sobbing, tears and emotion in each movie's IMDB reviews.

The rankings were based on the number of mentions against the number of reviews, and were given extra weight if the main dog dies in the film – with films needing at least 50 reviews to be considered for the rankings.

Here are the films that are all but guaranteed to get the tears flowing.

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