Peter Capaldi is never short of something interesting or entertaining to say.

Peter Capaldi in Quotes: Here are 13 interesting and funny things the Scottish actor has said about life, love, Doctor Who and Scotland

From ‘The Thick of It’ to ‘Doctor Who’, Oscar-winner Peter Capaldi is one of Scotland’s most recognisable actors – and he’s never short of something to say.

Born in Glasgow in 1958, Peter Capaldi attended St Teresa's Primary School in Possilpark, St Matthew's Primary School in Bishopbriggs, and St Ninian's High School in Kirkintilloch, before winning a place at the Glasgow School of Art.

He performed from an early age as part of the Antonine Players theatre group in Bishopbriggs, and was in a student punk band called The Dreamboys with future American chatshow host Craig Ferguson – who he also performed comedy with as ‘Bing & Dean Hitler’.

Capaldi’s big screen break came when he was cast as Danny Oldsen in Bill Forsyth’s classic Scottish film Local Hero in 1983 and he has had a successful career ever since – appearing in more than 40 films and television programmes. It’s on the small screen where he is perhaps most familiar, playing the sweary and terrifying spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in ‘The Thick of It’ (returning to the role for the feature film ‘In The Loop’) and as the twelfth incarnation of Doctor Who.

Notable films appearances have included Dangerous Liaisons, Paddington 1 and 2, Christopher Robin, and The Suicide Squad, while in 1993 he won both the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film and the BAFTA for Best Short Film for his short film ‘Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life’.

Here are 13 interesting, amusing and insightful quotes from the Scottish actor.

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