Outlander star Sam Heughan warns fans about fake money scamming account in his name

Outlander star Sam Heughan is warning fans about a fake Instagram account that is using his name to try and scam people out of money.

Sam Heughan's name is being used by scammers on a fake Instagram account
Sam Heughan's name is being used by scammers on a fake Instagram account

The actor, 38, took to social media to slam the scammers running the fake profile.

Posting via his Instagram story he wrote next to a screenshot of the page, “Seriously? These people have no shame. Report and block.”

Charity challenge being used to scam money

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    He also shared how the scammers were using his ‘My Peak Challenge’ as a way to get loyal fans of Heughan to part with their cash.

    In one fan story that the actor shared, the fan said, “I found a personal Facebook account of yours and I sent a message there to tell you that you are a good actor already.

    "I received a message back and started talking. Maybe it was stupid of me to believe that you would respond to someone like me, but I had no further intentions.

    "At one point he started talking about your peak challenge and whether I wanted to donate.

    "I indicated that I did want that, soon he wanted to send me a PayPal link so that I could transfer the money right away. Then my doubts began."

    ‘I will never do this’

    In his Instagram story, Heughan told his fans to be careful and reassured them, “I will never do this".

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    Season five will be based on The Fiery Cross, the fifth book in Diana Gabaldon's series. It will follow the Frasers in colonial America as they build their new life.