New series of Still Game to be made this year

A brand new TV series of Still Game is set to be made this year, its creators have revealed.Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill say they are 'pretty positive' that they will get the go ahead to make an eighth series within the next few months.The two comics, who write and star in the hit sitcom, say they have 'plenty' of ideas in the bag for another round of exploits from Osprey Heights and Craiglang.The most recent series of Still Game was the first to go out on the UK network at the same time it was being shown in Scotland.Kiernan and Hemphill said there was no reason why another series could not be made this year.Kiernan said: 'We're pretty positive that it will be green-lit for this year. We've got plenty of ideas. We come up with different ones all the time. They get squirrelled away. That's the way it's always worked.'Hemphill added: 'A lot of writers map out a story. We don't do that. We'll maybe get about eight scenes mapped out and then start writing. That element of surprise is great for comedy. Part of the fun is keeping yourselves challenged by not planning too much.'The BBC has been making noises and saying they're keen. Last time it took 18 months to get the green light. We don't worry about these things.'

Jack and Victor are set to return in a new series this year. Picture: BBC

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