New additions on Netflix to watch out for this month

We're getting into those long summer nights now guys, but spare a thought for your old friend '˜television'.That's right, you may be already planning your frolics in the summer sun, but stop and think about all those long dark nights where Netflix was your only friend; offering a little bit light in the days of sideways rain. Loyalty is important, guys. So why not be loyal to your Netflix account and at least spend some time diving into the epic array of new content available this month? Here's some of our top picks to watch...

Happy Valley is coming to Netflix

1 Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere (Season 1)

What is it? A cult classic that has been reborn in the internet age. Bob Ross was a painter and the jovial host of The Joy of Painting – a show where you literally watched a man creating landscapes on a big easel. Sound boring? The secret lies in the charm of Ross – possibly the loveliest human being ever to exist. Give it a chance and you’ll find yourself losing whole afternoons.

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When can I watch it? Now

2 Happy Valley (Season 1)

What is it? The BBC’s hot streak when it comes to drama has gone from strength to strength this year, but the first season of Happy Valley was definitely one of the shows that helped kick-start the revolution. Sarah Lancaster’s portrayal of gritty Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood and her less-than-sunny personal life makes this something far more than your usual police drama.

When can I watch it? Now

3 Titanic

What is it? Obviously you’ve seen it before, but there’s plenty to revisit in James Cameron’s ’90s huge blockbuster. Check out a pre-Oscar Leonardo Dicaprio, Billy Zane with hair and vent your rage at Kate Winslet for not sharing that damn door.

When can I watch it? Now

4 Orange is the New Black (Season 4)

What is it? One of Netflix’s biggest hits to date returns for another season, offering all the laughs and tribulations from another stint inside FCI Danbury. You know everyone will be talking about this one.

When can I watch it? From Friday

5 Guardians of the Galaxy

What is it? The movie which proved Marvel had the golden touch when it came to making unlikely blockbusters. Guardians of the Galaxy introduced us to a virtually unknown band of space travelers, including a talking raccoon and a monosyllabic tree, and yet managed to evoke more joy, tears and sense of adventure than the entire Star Wars prequels. Not bad at all. When can I watch it? From June 20

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