Nationalists raises thousands for anti-BBC billboard campaign

A pro-independence group has raised more than £8,500 to create billboards warning Scots of BBC 'mis-reporting'.

Inform Scotland have successfully crowdfunded anti BBC cillboards. Picture: GoFundMe

Inform Scotland, accuses the UK’s national broadcaster of misleading the people of Scotland.

The group said it planned to pay for ten giant posters across Scotland aimed at drawing the public’s attention to “the ways in which they are being lied to.”

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The BBC rejected any accusations of partiality slamming “those who would clearly like our journalism to pay deference to one particular political viewpoint or another.”

A mock-up of a billboard design states “BBC is mis-reporting Scotland” and includes a link to the campaign group’s website which hosts a string of articles supportive of the Scottish Government and claiming to expose media misinformation. More than 440 people have donated £8,745 to the project in eight days, surpassing the target of £8,500.

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The organisation describe themselves as “ordinary people, tired of the distortions of ‘news’ reporting on the BBC and Corporate Media in Scotland where ‘spin’ and opinion have long replaced fact.”

The campaign follows protests against alleged BBC bias by Yes campaigners ahead of the 2014 independence referendum. Alex Salmond backed the protects, outside the corporation’s Glasgow headquarters, after he became embroiled with a public row with then-political editor Nick Robinson.

Professor John Robertson, who recently retired as a professor of media politics at the University of the West of Scotland and has previously published research disputed by the BBC which he said backed up claims of bias, is acting as a spokesman for Inform Scotland.

In a statement on Inform Scotland’s website he said: “99 per cent of what we hear and see on BBC Scotland comes from mouthpieces of anti-independence sources.

“Here is a rare chance to find out and to share the truth about Scotland and it’s future,”

The proposed billboards have split opinion among Yes voters on social media, with some expressing concern that they could damage the independence cause.