Jonathan Melville: Meanwhile, over at the zomcom schlockfest

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THE Room has been called ‘The Citizen Kane of bad movies’ and it’s coming to Edinburgh Fringe on Sunday - yet another reason why film fans should go through the programme with a fine-tooth comb this week.

Written by, directed and starring Tommy Wiseau, The Room is the story of Johnny (Wiseau) whose girlfriend, Lisa (Juliette Danielle), becomes bored with their relationship and seeks solace in the arms of Johnny’s best friend, Mark (Greg Sestero).

It looks awful, the dialogue is painful and the acting atrocious, but The Room has a dedicated cult audience who take the opportunity to throw plastic spoons at the screen and heckle to their heart’s content. Head to Assembly George Square on Sunday at 00.25 to see what the fuss is about.

Along at the Assembly Rooms Music Hall next Tuesday and Wednesday you can see a preview of Will and Testament, a new documentary about the longest serving Labour MP in history, Tony Benn. The film promises to reveal the human face behind the political mask and comedian Mark Thomas will be asking Benn questions at the screenings.

This week also sees the return of CineFringe to the Sweet Venues from 18-27 August, a film festival that mainly screens often overlooked short films and which this year shows its first feature, Indie Game, at the Cameo from Saturday. Elsewhere there are zombie romances and some existential steak-based angst. In other words, perfect Fringe material.

Finally, I’m intrigued by The Beta Males’ Midnight Movie Theatre, showing tomorrow and Saturday only at Pleasance Courtyard. The blurb claims explains that they’ll be using patented ‘Immerso-Vision’ to transport us inside a late-nite horror-movie, ‘showing one of the finest creature features or apocalyptic schlockfests the bargain-bucket has to offer’.

This one should be...interesting.