Jeremy Clarkson calls you (and everyone else in Britain) a “complete and utter b*****d

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has expressed his fury after Twitter trolls mocked a post about the death of his dog, saying: ‘Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter b*****ds’

Writing in this month’s Top Gear magazine, Clarkson describes how within moments of posting a tweet on 17 July that said “My dog has just died”, after his 15-year-old labrador Whoopi was put down, he had received offensive responses from some of his 509,052 followers.

He wrote: “Moments after I posted my Tweet, a man called Ryan Paisey asked, “How does she smell?” Adam Farrow said the news was “kinda funny”. Phil May wanted to know if it was James May’s fault, and Tom Green said simply: “Good”. All that in less than what Twitter calls zero seconds. Five minutes has now elapsed, and still it’s a non-stop tirade of abuse. Which confirms my theory. Britain is a nation of 62million complete and utter b*****ds.”

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Clarkson continued: “We are the country that invented the concentration camp, and international slavery. Hanging, drawing, quartering: that was us too.

“And who was it that sent the White Russians home to be slaughtered by Stalin? Yup. Us. Outwardly, we hated communist Russia; inwardly, it’s what 95 per cent of the country wants.

“Bankers, estate agents, politicians, journalists. Anyone in a suit is basically evil and must, after they’ve been sacked, go to prison. Anyone in a donkey jacket? They’re basically good and must have a plasma television immediately.”

In May, Clarkson was cleared of breaching the broadcasting code by Ofcom after comparing a Japanese car to people with growths on their faces, a comment which received 41 complaints.

Clarkson was also lambasted by mental health charities after calling people who throw themselves under trains “selfish”, shortly after he was forecd to apologise for telling the BBc’s The One Show that striking workers should be shot.

Earlier this year Indian diplomats complained that during an episode of Top Gear filmed in India Clarkson said that a car fitted with a toilet in the boot was “perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots”.

The BBC was also forced to apologise to the Mexican ambassador last year after remarks made by Clarkson and co-hosts James May and Hammond.