Harry Potter fans booking Glenfinnan Bunkhouse disappointed to find it's eight miles from viaduct

Harry Potter fans booking into the Glenfinnan Bunkhouse have been disappointed to discover that it's eight miles from the iconic viaduct.

The Bunkhouse is eight miles from the iconic viaduct.
The Bunkhouse is eight miles from the iconic viaduct.

The name may suggest it sits in the shadow of the landmark Glenfinnan Viaduct, which appears in four of the Potter films, but locals say the new name is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

One visitor posted on TripAdvisor: "Sadly there is no way of magic getting us to the real Glenfinnan. It is hugely disappointing to find we are not in Glenfinnan at all."

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The converted schoolhouse, which is actually in the village of Kinlocheil, has been refurbished and rebranded.

The Glenfinnan Bunkhouse is being described as a 'marketing ploy'.

But locals say the Glenfinnan name will only confuse and disappoint tourists.

• READ MORE: Plans for snack bar at Glenfinnan Viaduct for Harry Potter tourists"Renaming a building with historical significance just for marketing purposes is not appropriate and in this case, calling it the Glenfinnan bunkhouse when it is nowhere near Glenfinnan, is highly misleading,” said a spokesman for the Kilmallie Community Council.

"It has been highlighted that this might be very confusing for visitors, particularly those coming by train, but a response from Highlife Highland was that all their customers came by car or mini bus and that they expected this to continue.

"Several concerns were raised at our last meeting. The Kinlocheil outdoor centre was the old school building and is important to the history of the area.

"The bunkhouse is accessible by train, canoe or kayak on Locheil, bicycle and on foot.

"However, on their web site Highlife Highland only provide information for those arriving by road.

"No mention is made of either the train station or the Loch.

"It is disappointing that Highlife Highland are not promoting more sustainable forms of travel. We have agreed to write to High Life Highland to express these concerns."

The newly-rebranded Glenfinnan Bunkhouse, run by High Life Highland and formerly owned by Highland Council, is actually in Kinlocheil and not at Glenfinnan, where the world famous viaduct and site of Hogwarts lies.

Tourists are being invited to the bunkhouse, a former outdoor education centre, with accommodation sleeping up to 14 people in three rooms.

A spokesperson for High Life Highland said “The reason for the change is to raise the profile of the Bunkhouse.

"By association with a well-known geographical area, we hope that customers will recognise its proximity to the Road to The Isles, Ardnamurchan , Fort William, Ben Nevis and Aonach Mor.

"The recent investment in the facility will create employment and increased use will help us protect and maintain it for the future.”