Film reviews: No One But Me | Ginger and Rosa | Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted | Paranormal Activity 4

Elle Fanning in Ginger And Rosa
Elle Fanning in Ginger And Rosa
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SIOBHAN SYNNNOT reviews the rest of this week’s film releases

No One But Me (no cert)

Star rating: * * * *

Once billed as Scotland’s Shirley Temple, then as Jimmy Logan’s wee sister, Annie Ross came into her own as a jazz singer with a career spanning seven decades. In Brian Ross’s warmly appreciative documentary, shot over three years, she opens up on an extraordinary life and displays a lot of the grit that helped her steer a path through a dysfunctional upbringing, addiction and some dramatic love affairs, including with Lenny Bruce.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Tuesday and Wednesday; Eden Court, Inverness, 28 October; Macrobert, Stirling, 31 October

Ginger and Rosa (12A)

Star rating: * * *

Two great performances here: one from Elle Fanning as a London teenager put on edge by the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the other from Alessandro Nivola as her smug, compulsively inappropriate dad who has an affair with her best friend. Unfortunately, director Sally Potter fails to locate much momentum. This isn’t so much slow burn as gradual petrification.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Friday until 
1 November

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (PG)

Star rating: * *

The wisecracking pack of refugees from a New York zoo are on the loose once again, this time joining a circus with an embittered Siberian lion (Bryan Cranston), and chased by a villainous French cop (Frances McDormand). Anyone who has tried to get through passport control will swoon with envy at the ease with which these beasts cross borders. Otherwise, this overlong Saturday morning cartoon boasts plenty animals but little magic.

On general release from Friday

Paranormal Activity 4 (15)

Star rating: * *

Yet another round of home video scares from a creep show franchise whose “found footage” is now best left in the cutting room bin. Not very scary, and you’d think even a camera shy demon would be demanding script approval by now.

On general release from Wednesday

Siobhan Synnot