Film reviews: Neighbouring Sounds | Babeldom | The Red And The Blue | It Was The Son

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Our roundup of the latest releases

Neighbouring Sounds (15)


Set in a middle-class neighbourhood largely owned by one elderly man (W J Solha), Kleber Mendonça Filho’s first feature dips into the small daily dramas of those living in the block as they fret over their safety. A dope-smoking housewife gets her sexual kicks from the washing machine, a real estate agent hunts the thief who broke into his new girlfriend’s car, tenants 
debate the future of their narcoleptic doorman, and a private security guard on a single street plays both good cop and bad cop to his clients.

A former film critic, Filho uses urban sounds as part 
of the storytelling and sources of tension; a dog barks incessantly and children can be heard in a playground while heavy machinery grinds on the nerves. It’s a remarkable, understated fable about social strata and urban paranoia, although its stretches of plotlessness may push patience at 124 minutes.

Glasgow Film Theatre, tomorrow until Thursday; Edinburgh Filmhouse, Friday until 18 April; Dundee Contemporary Arts, Friday until 16 April

Babeldom (15)


Paul Bush’s documentary meditates on our urban future with a blend of 
history, philosophy, pretty photography and maths. Ambitious, gorgeous, and often as impenetrable as an algebraic equation.

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Wednesday to Thursday

The Red And The Blue (TBC)


Giuseppe Piccioni interweaves the stories of three teachers at a school in Rome, all trying to change their pupils’ lives in very different ways. An elegant treat, starring Riccardo Scamarcio, Roberto Herlitzka and Margherita Buy.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Friday; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, 24 April, as part of the Italian Film Festival

It Was The Son (TBC)


Daniele Ciprì’s Venice Film Festival prize-winner is 
about a Shameless-style family torn apart by a cash windfall. Toni Servillo is 
the head of the family in 
this boisterous, uneven 
black comedy.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Saturday; Dundee Contemporary Arts, 21 April