Film reviews: Broken | Parker | The Guilt Trip

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SIOBHAN SYNNOT provides a brief rundown on the latest cinematic offerings.

Broken (15)

Rating: * * * *

Eloise Laurence gives a terrific performance as a 13-year-old navigating a tricky set of neighbours in this British dramedy.

Selected release, Glasgow Film Theatre

Oz The Great And Powerful (PG)

Rating: * * *

Sam Raimi’s vivid 3D black and white/Technicolor prequel to The Wizard Of Oz pulls out all the visual stops, including a hot Oz (James Franco) and a trio of also-hot if slightly dull witches (Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis). It’s 
got heart and nerve (you can spot some clever efforts to avoid infringing the 1939 film’s copyright), but the 
brain keeps saying the finale is awfully like Oz – Home Alone.

On general release from Friday

The Guilt Trip (12A)

Rating: * * *

Barbra Streisand is a motormouthed mom and Seth Rogen her stressed-out son, travelling across America in a tiny car. The script is sentimental and predictable, but the stars are likeable and believable as mother and son. You may laugh, you might even cry, but you’ll certainly phone your mother.

On general release

Parker (15)

Rating: * * *

Jason Statham plays another of his hard-boiled antiheroes, this time one drawn from Donald Westlake’s pulp novels. Energetic action nonsense for Statham fans that is unlikely to bring in any converts.

On general release from Friday

Lore (15)

Rating: * * *

At the end of the Second World War, the children of Nazi collaborators are left to fend for themselves in Cate Shortland’s haunting, mildly cryptic horror story.

Selected release, Glasgow Film Theatre

Fire With Fire (15)

Rating: * *

Bruce Willis tries to help Josh Duhamel after his witness protection cover is broken. Made by ten-year-olds if the dialogue and clunky scenarios are anything to go by.

Selected release, Cineworlds Edinburgh and Glasgow