Film review: Safe | Breathing | Goodbye First Love | Silent House | American Pie: Reunion

Siobhan Synnot reviews the rest of this week’s new film releases

Siobhan Synnot reviews the rest of this week’s new film releases

Safe (15)

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Rating; ***

Jason Statham, yet again hewn from solid machismo, strives to entertain us by kicking multitudes of ass in a fast-paced action thriller that can’t let go of a proven formula.

On general release from Friday

Breathing (15)

Rating: ***

A juvenile offender (Thomas Schubert) tries to come to terms with his own guilt by taking up a day-release programme at a local undertaker’s. Low-key, sombre, and slightly more lively than the coffins.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, and Dundee Contemporary Arts from Friday; Glasgow Film Theatre from 11 May

Goodbye First Love (15)

Rating: ***

French writer-director Mia Hansen-Love tracks 15-year-old Camille (Lola Creton), who falls hard for the slightly older Sullivan (Sebastian Urzendowsky) and is heartbroken when he lets the relationship lapse. Years later they reconnect, but the balance of power has changed. As a portrait of adolescent self-absorption, it’s authentically annoying.

Glasgow Film Theatre from Friday; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, from 25 May

Silent House (15)

Rating: ***

Elizabeth Olsen, below, stars in a remake of a Uruguayan horror, whose chief distinction is that it is shot in a single continuous take. Marvelling at how filmmakers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau manage to pull off that illusion is a little like admiring the silver in Gosford Park, but there’s not much else to appreciate.

On general release from Friday

American Pie: Reunion (15)

Rating: **

Another serving of the American sex comedy series back by popular demand, allegedly. Eugene Levy, as the chief Pie-abuser’s dad, contributes a brief moment of comedy horror with a tip about erectile dysfunction, but the rest of the movie feels awfully stale.

On general release from Wednesday