Best Romantic Scottish Films: 14 Romantic Films set in Scotland for Valentine’s Day

Many cinematic masterpieces have featured Scotland and among those are some timeless romantic classics, here are 14 in celebration of February 14 (Valentine’s Day!)

With award-winning scenery and locations with fascinating heritage it is no surprise that Scotland has featured in many films and TV shows with great critical acclaim. However, amid famous titles like Braveheart that take us to grand epics in the Scottish Highlands or Trainspotting that see us through angsty journeys in Edinburgh, the sentimental side of Scottish cinema can be easily forgotten.

With Valentine’s Day 2023 upon us, if you’re not heading out to one of Scotland’s many romantic restaurants in favour of staying home then it’s the perfect time to check out romantic films set in Scotland (or produced by Scottish directors).

To mark February 14 here are 14 romantic films featuring Scotland for you and your dearest to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

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