Music review: A Bowie Celebration, Academy, Glasgow

THE month of his birth, his death and the release of his final album Black Star in 2016, January is and forever ought to be known as David Bowie month. As such, it’s a time of year never under-served for opportunities to remember and celebrate the music, life and legacy of probably Britain’s greatest ever solo pop artist. Some of these events do much to enhance his memory, others less so.

Glasgow's Celtic Connections festival is staging a day-long event to herald the start of the first Year of Coasts and Waters.

14 highlights of the cultural year ahead in Scotland

The biggest ever celebration of Scotland's shorelines, 30 years of one of Scotland's most iconic venues and a new festival created in honour of country music legend Johnny Cash's ancestral links with Scotland are already shaping up to be among the highlights of the cultural year ahead.
Julie Fowlis PIC: Michael Gillen

Jim Gilchrist: Tidal wave of talent at this year’s Celtic Connections

In his enduring Gaelic lament, An Ataireachd Àrd, Donald MacIver potently evokes “The eternal surge of the sea... the sound of the high swelling waves / The ocean’s thunder is as I heard it in my youth /
Unchanging, pitiless, beating the sands on the shore.” That eternal surge against Scotland’s 10,000km of convoluted coast erodes, enriches, creates livelihoods, takes lives and, in the case of MacIver’s inspiration, disperses communities through clearance or other emigration. Inevitably, its tides ebb and flow through the music of our seaboard cultures.

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