Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach

Music review: Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach: Air Iomall, Kirkcaldy Acoustic Music Club

IT’S usually bands that grab the attention, but much of Scottish folk music’s strength in depth today derives from its duos. It’s an austerity-
friendly format, often a vital component in the modern musician’s multi-pocketed portfolio career. So many Scottish duos, though, take the whole more-than-the-sum-of-their-parts thing to positively exponential levels, and with their new gig/film/album project Air Iomall – “On the Edge” – young Highland fiddle/piano duo Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach just raised the bar again.

Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics. Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

Music review: Kelly Jones, Caird Hall, Dundee

FOR all that they deserve credit for maintaining the kind of career which sees them sell out arenas and release successful albums more than two decades after first breaking through, there’s something invigorating yet predictable about a Stereophonics show. But with a new Stereos album due next month, their singer and fulcrum Kelly Jones has been touring this summer with a series of concert hall dates and a set which is positively rustic by comparison.

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