EdinburghSketcher’s view from Edinburgh to Fife

THIS WEEK the EdinburghSketcher draws a favourite scene...

Picture: EdinburghSketcher

“The view from the New Town in Edinburgh down Howe Street and over the Firth of Forth into Fife is one of my favourites in Edinburgh.

I’m lucky enough to see this view most days, in all seasons. But this week, on a sunny spring day I had to stop the car and sketch it. The Church in the foreground is St Stephens Church and if you follow the road to the left you drop into Stockbridge, a beautiful part of the city full of eateries and charity shops.

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The sketch is in fast drying black ink with a watercolour wash over the top. The original is still for sale and prints are available from my shop, starting at £18.”

You can see the full sketch on the Scotsman facebook page.

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