Edinburgh Fringe act electrocuted on stage but the show must go on

Hunt & Murphy
Hunt & Murphy
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COMEDIAN Ricky Hunt got the shock of his life when he took to the stage at Old Tolbooth Market on the Canongate.

Performing as one half of double-act Hunt & Murphy, he was electrocuted when his lips touched the mic during a late night performance of 80s sketch show Beg, Borrow & Bitch.

Baffled audience members were not sure if the electric shock was a part of the show.

Hunt explains, “All I saw was white light when my lips touched the microphone.

“I thought ‘the show must go on’ and continued, but then sparks flew and the microphone leapt across the room’.

Comedy partner Abbie Murphy stopped the show when she realised it wasn’t a joke.

“I looked at Ricky and he was really pale. Weirdly, he was sweating under his eyes - he looked quite scared.”

The pair continued the show without the use of mics after protests from the audience who were concerned for their safety.

The Gilded Balloon, however, say reports of Ricky’s electric shock may have been exaggerated somewhat.

They said: “Hunt & Murphy have confirmed the sprinkling of artistic license across this story and acknowledge that the jolt was a static shock and wasn’t electric or dangerous.

“However, we apologise for any fright the static from Ricky’s mic may have caused - but we hope everyone enjoyed the electrifying performance.”

Hunt & Murphy continues at the Gilded Balloon’s new pay-what-you-want venue Old Tolbooth Market on the Canongate nightly until 25 August at 10.30pm