Watch as Danny MacAskill takes two-year-old on whirlwind adventure around Scotland

Scottish cycle stunt superstar Danny MacAskill has unveiled a breathtaking new video - showing him taking a two-year-old girl on an action-packed adventure around Scotland.

Daisy Thomson was just two years of age when most of her scenes in Danny MacAskill's new film were shot.
Daisy Thomson was just two years of age when most of her scenes in Danny MacAskill's new film were shot.

Launched today, the YouTube sensation’s daring film, entitled Danny Daycare, sees the 33-year-old left in charge of a friend’s child - before persuading her to abandon her books in favour of venturing into the great outdoors.

After strapping the youngster into her trailer, MacAskill whisks her off to some of his favourite haunts, including Aberfoyle, Killin and Dunkeld in Perthshire, Dalgety Bay in Fife, and the Isle of Skye, where he was brought up.

Dramatic new footage for the light-hearted film - which has been around two years in the making - was also filmed on the Cuillin mountain range on Skye, which was featured in MacAskill’s most famous video, The Ridge, which has been viewed more than 62 million times on YouTube to date.

Killin, Aberfoyle, Dunkeld, Dalgety Bay and the Isle of Skye all make appearances in the new video.

Set to a soundtrack of the 1960s hit Hitchin’ a Ride by Vanity Fare, Danny Daycare is set to make a star of Daisy Thomson, the daughter of film director Stu Thomson, MacAskill’s long-time collaborator, and his wife Amber, who is also seen in the film, when Daisy is handed over.

Daisy, whose enjoyment of her own mountain bike trailer inspired her father and MacAskill to make the video, is now four years of age, but filmed the vast majority of her scenes two years ago. The end of the film shows a grown-up Daisy racing MacAskill on her own mountain bike.

However the end of the film reveals that a “Stunt Daisy” doll was used for MacAskill’s many tricks.

It also features a message which states: “No children were involved in any stunts during Danny Daycare.”

It took Danny MacAskill several months of preparations to film a "barrell roll" flip on a purpose-built ramp for the new video.

MacAskill, who has described Danny Daycare as a "parody" of his previous films, is seen feeding ducks and eating ice cream with Daisy on their travels.

He is heard joking with Daisy “it’s a bit bumpy here” and “don’t look down” during the video, and even asks Daisy “do you want to go upside down?” at various points in the film.

MacAskill said: “Stu is a keen mountain biker and as soon as Daisy was old enough, he bought this awesome trailer that he could tow behind his mountain bike.

“We joked about making a film about me babysitting Daisy and taking her for an adventure around Scotland and doing tricks along the way.

A 'Stunt Daisy' doll was used for the filming of all MacAskill's daredevil exploits in his new video.

“Eventually we decided that it would be a really cool thing for Daisy to look back on when she is older and a great film, so that’s what we did.

“As it is a parody video, it made sense to visit some old locations from some of my videos to give the viewers something to laugh about.

“Being on top of the ‘Inaccessible Pinnacle’, the Cuillin Ridge, on the Isle of Skye, was definitely taking that to the extreme, but I’m pleased we did."

"It's taken more than two years to get this film finished. It was a personal project, so it was just about finding the time with Cut Media to film when we could."

Danny Daycare, made by MacAskill and the production company Cut Media, has been released a decade on from MacAskill’s first hit film, Inspired Bicycles, which was made on the streets of Edinburgh while he was working in a bike shop in the city, and has had 38 million views online.

The film includes a brand new MacAskill stunt, a "barrell roll" flip which took 16 days to practice and film over several months, with the final footage captured on a purpose-built ramp above Dunkeld.

MacAskill added: "Trying to one-up yourself every time is difficult, especially as I have so many other commitments.

"You see people in different sports like skateboarding or BMX pulling new things out the bag every few months, but you still feel like you've seen something like it before.

"I quite enjoy coming up with a story or concept. If you have a good one it doesn't just rely on the craziest riding.

"We went through a few trailers making this video, even though they were insanely tough. I couldn't believe how much they could take.

"The barrell roll was the biggest challenge. It took us a couple of days to land it properly in Dunkeld. I managed to do it three times. I got cocky and tried to do it one last time with a camera on the trailer, but it didn't go so well.

"I had a final crash and thought that was enough. I had been frantically trying to get the flip done before a knee operation I had scheduled in just before Christmas. Daisy came up to watch me on the last day, which was really cool."

MacAskill has already unveiled plans to stage a live stunt show at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of Underbelly's Circus Hub line-up.