Theatre review: Manifesting Mrs Marx, Paradise in Augustine’s, Edinburgh

Welcome to a verbose self-help seminar. No, wait; it’s a mime show about the etiquette of language.

An alternative history of Karl Marxs wife

Manifesting Mrs Marx, Paradise in Augustine’s – The Snug (Venue 152) * *

But now the actor is introducing herself as Karl Marx’s wife. Or child. Writer/performer Clara Francesca’s alternative history of Jenny Marx blends voiceover, movement, audience interaction, props as metaphor and glam rock make-up to highlight the untold stories of the women behind the celebrated men.

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And if by the end of its fifty minutes we are not hugely the wiser for her various modes of storytelling, there is still a shared sadness at the fate of Jenny and three of her children and their place in – or out – of history.

Until 17 August.