Theatre review: Auto-Nation, theSpace. Edinburgh

Auto-Nation, theSpace (Venue 45), Edinburgh
Auto-Nation, theSpace (Venue 45), Edinburgh
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Science-fiction fans have become accustomed to occasionally tolerating sloppy production values or wonky scripts in pursuit of the thrill of discovering new concepts but it's hard to see anything of value in Queen Mary Theatre Company's new play.

Auto-Nation, theSpace. Edinburgh *

An artificial intelligence workmate, Sally, is introduced into a team of prison guards struggling with a flood. Dramatically, this goes nowhere; there's no sense of crisis, pace or consequence.

Worse still, it's staged like a business conference as people holding clipboards sit on stools trying to act cross with each other. As with all pointless professional meetings you're forced to ask: is there really any reason this couldn't have been done in an email?

Until 24 August

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