Edinburgh Fringe 2019: 10 signs the Festival has come to an end

As August comes to a close, so too does the Edinburgh Festival and these are the most obvious signs.

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

From a lack of mid-week fireworks to cheaper Ubers and quieter streets, these are the top 10 signs that the Edinburgh Festival is over.

Venues begin taking down their Fringe venue signs - sometimes even before the Festival has actually finished.

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A large number of loud bangs on a Monday evening and the smell of bonfire night in August tell us that the Festival has officially come to an end.
Getting an Uber will still cost you a pretty penny, but the increases during the Festival should soon be a thing of the past.
As the number of people in the city decreases, so does the rubbish and the sight of overflowing bins should be a thing of the past.
You can walk down the street without tourists stopping in front of you to take random pics.
Sadly, there are no more silent discos clogging up the streets with renditions of YMCA.
The trains, trams and buses are quieter and you might just get a seat.
After Edinburgh bus bosses admitted meeting their schedules during the Festival season is impossible, commuters can now enjoy normal levels of congestion.
You can walk down any street and not be handed a leaflet for anything.
The people of Edinburgh get Princes Street Gardens back as Summer Sessions is now over.