Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus Review: Ockham’s Razor: This Time St Stephen’s Theatre (Venue 166), Edinburgh

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Circus is often the domain of the young, but not too young – people in their 20s and 30s at the peak of fitness. So before they’ve even made a move, this new show by Ockham’s Razor already piques our interest.


For on stage, looking to all intents and purposes like an extended family, are Alex Harvey and Charlotte Mooney both aged 40, 60-year-old Lee Carter and 13-year-old Faith Fahy.

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When they hang high above the floor, gently climbing over one another, it’s like watching animals in a rainforest canopy. So in-tune with each other are they, so comfortable with each other’s bodies, that it feels almost voyeuristic to watch this intimate familial exchange.

Company founders, and real-life partners, Harvey and Mooney share a similar moment later. Gripping on at a height, to a cover of The Beatles’ Don’t Let Me Down, it’s a touching depiction of romantic relationships – bonded yet fragile, a constant work in progress.

Impressive aerial routines are just one aspect of This Time, however. Standing opposite Mooney, Carter acts as if she’s looking at her younger self, offering the pearls of wisdom that come through lived experience. Later, Mooney and Fahy do likewise.

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But it is during the sections where the performers stand centre-stage and address the audience that we see true vulnerability.

Sharing stories from the past, some trivial some meaningful, we get to know them a little better. Carter in particular (who at 60, is a beautiful, flexible aerialist showing no sign of stopping) unexpectedly floors us with a tragic tale from her own life. Yet the movement that follows speaks of hope, connection and love.

Until 25 August. Today 2:45pm

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