Comedy review: Trevor Lock: Gender Studies – Girl v Boy, PBH's Free Fringe, Edinburgh

Fun and funny - with at least three actual jokes
Fun and funny - with at least three actual jokes
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Trevor takes a good old-fashioned binary approach to the genders, for the sake of this show.

Trevor Lock: Gender Studies – Girl v Boy, PBH’s Free Fringe @ Bannermans (Venue 357) * * *

Boys and girls. We are segregated and, pretty much, pitted against each other in an attempt to decide which gender is best.

It might not be very woke but it is great fun and Trevor, as ever, with a tendency to the tetchy, shoos us through various tests and competitions with the air of a mildly harassed public school science teacher. There are love letters and much sniffing of strangers, some whispering, a bit of drawing, quizzes and quite a lot of lamination, all commented on (rather well, I thought) by Trevor’s two nominated ‘scientists’.

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Watching Trevor Lock take charge of a room is an absolute joy. He is like a snappy, witty sheepdog and no one escapes his fold. This is not, just so that you know, ‘Gender Studies’ that would be recognisable to anyone doing a course at university.

It is fun and funny (there are at least three actual jokes) and may well turn out to be the way forward in identity politics.

Until 25 August.