Comedy Review: Róisín and Chiara: Get Nupty, Heroes @ The Hive, Edinburgh

One of the cult, word-of-mouth hits of last year’s Fringe, Róisín O’Mahony and Chiara Goldsmith return with a more thematically-defined hour, which nevertheless remains one of the most dream logic, stream-of-consciousness reflections on love that you’ll ever see.

2018 hit duo Risn and Chiar return with another dreamy show.

Róisín and Chiara: Get Nupty, Heroes @ The Hive, Edinburgh * * *

With their intuitive rapport and vivacious, in-your-face performance style, the pair take the cliché of a double-act being like a marriage and push it to extremes. Once again, the highlight is a bickering middle-aged couple considering drastic action to spice up their relationship, the laughs chiefly emanating from O’Mahony’s aggressive bourgeois tones and the fact she’s wearing a wolf mask.

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Róisín and Chiara still beguile and intrigue, but they haven’t progressed with this love letter to love.

Until 25 August