Comedy review: Kevin McGahern: Taking Off, Underbelly - Bristo Square, Edinburgh

This is unexpectedly warm and cuddly comedy for this time of night.

Kevin McGahern: Taking Off, Underbelly - Bristo Square

Kevin McGahern: Taking Off, Underbelly - Bristo Square, Edinburgh * * *

It is a really lovely thing to find. Kevin McGahern joins the ranks of the Irish in the comedy section and packs a varied show with a little bit of politics (pretty much the best observation on the problems with satirising Brexit you will hear), some great craic about the Irish and sex (including the pornographic possibilities of the number three), the workings of begrudgery, and part of a film he has written.

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This really is a relaxing, laughter-filled, enjoyable way to round off a day at the Fringe without fear of someone being sick down your back. McGahern grows on you as he gets into some juicy little chunks about Irish blasphemy laws, the goblin in the back of your head and how we should all die laughing. It is part of the lottery that is the Fringe that a wrong time slot, a slightly 'meh' venue and a show that is simply funny stuff can combine to leave you with a small but hugely appreciative audience. Go and have a laugh with this alarmingly suited, funny, friendly Irishman. I am still laughing about critics at the circus …

Until 26 August