Comedy review: Daniel Muggleton: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, Edinburgh

Daniel Muggleton:Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (Venue 170)
Daniel Muggleton:Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (Venue 170)
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Dry, caustic and unsparing, Australian émigré Daniel Muggleton is a deceptively sharp, informed social commentator in a tracksuit, with offbeat analyses of Brexit, racism and misogyny.

Daniel Muggleton: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (But I Reckon it’s Easier for Straight, White Men?), Laughing Horse @ The Counting House., Edinburgh * * *

Likening his appearance and manner to that of an undercover agent, he’s avowedly aware of the struggles of women and minorities, but happily benefiting from the patriarchy and white privilege all the same.

With his motives and principles so thoroughly compromised, he can be damning of his adopted home, his opening musings on the UK leaving Europe, the NHS and Royal Family archly witty, though essentially an extended diss on Brits’ lack of physical attractiveness.

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Australia’s infamous immigration policies don’t escape his condemnation. But Muggleton suggests that he’s only really judgemental for the pastime of testing his perceptiveness, rather than any great political point-scoring. He’s wryly amused rather than energised by wokeness’ appropriation by multinational companies with dubious labour practices. And he’s matter-of-fact highlighting the source of toxic masculinity that prompted the #MeToo movement. With minimal grandstanding, indeed, supreme casualness, Muggleton shares his opinions understatedly, effectively and with real promise for his stand-up career going forward.

Until 25 August

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