20 famous faces you can expect to see around Edinburgh this August

Every year, some two million people descend on Edinbrugh for the world-renowned Fringe Festival in August.

Edinburgh fringe festival

Thousands of performers from all ages and backgrounds turn the city into a 24/7 stage, among them a fair few recognisable faces. Here's the famous people to keep your eyes peeled for on Princes street this August.

The multi-talented playwright, poet, novelist and rapper Kate Tempest will be making her debut at the 2019 Fringe with a concert that showcases her unique blend of complex rhyme with post-dubstep electronic beats.

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Seasoned and beloved actor Ian McKellen will be taking to the stage at the Fringe this year with a performance that showcases extracts from his best-loved roles alongside recollections of his life and career.
A comedian with one of Britain's most recognisable voices, you might spot Stephen Fry on the streets of Edinburgh this year between his readings of his best-selling trilogy "Mythos: Men," which brings Ancient Greece to life.
An Olivier Award-winning actress, this year Frances Barber is heading to the Fringe to perform in "MUSIK," a one-woman cabaret in about the life of hedonistic "Billie Trix" - featuring Pet Shop Boys songs.
Kathy Burke wears many hats - actress, comedian, writer, producer, director - and you might spot her out and about at the Fringe this year as she oversees the opening of Amy Booth-Steels new one-woman show, "Honest Amy".
Eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans might spot Daniel Portman wandering the streets of Edinburgh this year, since the Glasgow-born actor is starring as the lead actor in "Square Go," a play that explores masculinity and violence.
Journalist, activist and rapper Akala is bringing his spoken word show - "Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire" - to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. It promises to be political and thought-provoking.
Actress, activist, writer, and model Rose McGowan - perhaps best known for her involvement in the #MeToo movement - will be in Edinburgh this year with her spoken word show "Planet 9."
Best known for his role in American sitcom Parks and Recreation, this year fans of Nick Offerman can catch him in Edinburgh as he performs a lighthearted stand up show.
Scottish-American television host, comedian, author, and actor Craig Ferguson will be out and about in Edinburgh this year as he brings his stand-up show "Hobo Fabulous" to the Gilded Balloon.
Radio presenter, actor and comedian Nish Kumar will be bringing "It's in Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves" to the Fringe this year, a stand-up show with jokes about politic's and mankind's capacity for self-destruction.
Keep a look out for Reginald D Hunter at this year's Fringe. He'll be at the Pleasance Courtyard with his characteristic searingly honest stand-up.
Ronni Aconda is a Scottish actress and well-known impressionist. She'll be at the Edinburgh Fringe this year with Lewis MacLeod in eccentric comedy "Just Checking In."
Best known for his "Pub Landlord" persona, at the 2019 Fringe Al Murray will be back as the Landlord in what promises to be another hilarious stand-up show.
Witty Irish comic Ed Byrne is bringing "If I'm Honest" to the Fringe this year, a stand-up show in which he "tries to decide if he has any traits that are worth passing on to his children."
Award-winning comic Frank Skinner is another famous face who you might spot at this year's Fringe. He's performing 60 minutes of original material to festival-goers ahead of his new tour.
You might spot quirky performer Eddie Izzard at the Fringe this year as he entertains audiences with his brand-new work-in-progress reading/performance of Great Expectations.
If you don't recognise Iain Stirling's face, you'll certainly recognise his voice. He's the sarcastic narrator of Love Island and this year will be doing a stand-up show at the Fringe.
TV presenter and comedian Christopher Biggins can be spotted at the Edinburgh Fringe this year at his spoken word show "Late Lunch with Biggins."
Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker will return to the Fringe this year with "Jarv Is..." an experimental music show that promises to delight and entertain.