Daniel Craig cameos as stormtrooper in latest Star Wars

DANIEL Craig’s latest role in a major franchise sees him going covert once again – as a stormtrooper.

Daniel Craig as seen in the latest Bond film 'Spectre' (Not on the snowy planet Hoth). Picture: AP

Craig’s cameo in the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens, is so well-hidden that you could easily miss it.

After initially denying his involvement, Craig owned up to being a foot-soldier of the evil First Order in the latest movie.

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Reporter Chris Lee confirmed the news – and even knows which faceless trooper the actor plays.


As the lead protagonist Rey is held prisoner at the hands of the evil First Order group, Craig portrays the hapless stormtrooper sent to guard her.

As Rey attempts to try out her newly discovered force powers, she attempts to use a mind trick on Craig by persuading him to release her shackles and leave the door unlocked.

The stormtrooper initially replies “I’ll tighten those restraints, scavenger scum,” before eventually doing both, and even dropping his blaster to aid Rey’s escape.

Simon Pegg, who also cameos as a fat alien, has previously spilled the beans of Craig’s cameo, telling the Sun: “I wasn’t a stormtrooper. Daniel Craig, he was a stormtrooper...I shouldn’t have said that.”

When previously asked, the Bond actor had denied his spot amongst the ranks of the evil empire, saying: “Why would I ever bother doing something like that?”