Bryce Dallas Howard on growing up in Hollywood

BRYCE Dallas Howard is third generation Hollywood royalty, so how come she’s managed to keep her feet on the ground?

Bryce Dallas Howard Bryce stars as Claire Dearing in the film Jurassic World. Picture: Contributed

Legs tucked up under a voluminous patterned skirt on an even more voluminous sofa, Bryce Dallas Howard’s white high heels (Prada, I think) have been kicked off and are lying, prone, on the carpet. Good for her. Only, it’s a little bit funny because I’ve spent the morning watching the actor doing things in high heels that no human should really be able to do. Running across Tarmac. Running, full pelt, across a highly polished floor. Running through a jungle. All of this in flesh coloured heels, the kind you might see the Duchess of Cambridge tottering about in at a charity event. It’s true that all of these stunts (I’m going for it, that’s what I’m calling them) were performed in a movie, Jurassic World, the newest instalment in the Jurassic Park series, which has taken 22 years to get to the screen, that is chock-full of special effects – CGI, motion capture, well, you know, enormous dinosaurs – but, like her co-star Chris Pratt’s muscles, Howard’s high heels, and what she does in them, are the real deal. No technical trickery or digital deception, she just really did it.

“I think I was fixated more on that than perhaps anything else in the movie,” she says. “I was like I’m going to do so many ankle strengthening exercises.